The coworking market arrived in Spain in 2012, approximately. Since then, the interest in this type of shared office has grown exponentially and has multiplied the square footage they occupy by nine, reaching 980,000 m2 in 2020.

The crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic caused this growth to decrease by 40% during the first two months of the Spanish state of alarm, to later rebound in the following months.

This is not surprising when considering the great advantages that coworking has in times of coronavirus:

  1. Flexibility.

FLEXIBILITY, with large and capital letters. The working environment in 2020 has been characterized by its uncertainty. The constant changes in government restrictions and other security measures have made flexibility the most valued point.

Coworking allows exactly the flexibility of the space and hiring conditions compared to the rigidity of a conventional office rental. In turn, coworking adds a plus of adaptability by guaranteeing flexibility of schedules at a time when COVID-19 has complicated family reconciliation.

  1. Avoid isolation

The pandemic has introduced by force teleworking into our lives, but with it have come social problems such as loneliness and isolation.

By working in a coworking space that has adequate security measures, these issues are eliminated and the worker is allowed to develop in a social environment without high risks of contagion.

  1. Networking: even more necessary

Coworking has always brought the advantage of generating a community and a contact network. COVID-19 has greatly reduced sociability and interpersonal contact, therefore, now networking is even more beneficial, since it represents a competitive advantage to make a company or product visible, or to create synergies and collaborations.

  1. Safety at work

Coworking spaces have also been a solution to the security needs against the coronavirus. On the one hand, many companies have chosen to expand their infrastructure by renting coworking offices that give them that extra space that allows them to reduce capacity and comply with the safety distance between people.

On the other hand, for all those professionals who used to work in cafeterias, libraries and other public spaces, coworking is presented as a safe solution in which to implement the necessary measures.

  1. Productivity and concentration

While it is true that teleworking was a godsend to many people who increase their productivity by reducing the inconvenience of transportation and the distractions of an office; for many other workers, being at home is a total lack of concentration.

For them, coworking is a flexible solution adapted to their needs, where they can find the most suitable environment to keep their attention and avoid being distracted.

These are just 5 of the advantages of working in a coworking space. At Kiploc we are committed to these flexible offices and we contribute to developing their full potential with our Smart Locks.

Thanks to Kiploc, coworkings are much easier to manage, allowing the creation of temporary and selective accesses for each space. In addition, Kiploc provides even more flexibility to the user, who can access their work environment only with their phone.

If you want to know more about how Kiploc works in coworking spaces, contact us!