From local to large corporations, all Real Estate companies deal with a considerable amount of properties and the access control problems that this entails.

This administrative work supposes an extra compication for the management of resources, personal and client appointments. However, in such a competitive market, this is also an opportunity for improvement if you have the suitable technology.

Kiploc is the perfect smart lock for the Real Estate sector, which, thanks to its advantages in property access management, improves business results.

In this article we explain how Kiploc helps to optimize the results of the real estate sector:

  1. 100% safe “COVID-19 friendly” visits. Kiploc makes it possible for a client to see the property of their interest with no need of physical contact with a Real Estate agent. Virtual visits are cool, but seeing your future home first-hand and without risk, is better.
  1. Greater control of the business. Kiploc collects and centralizes first-hand information that allows business activity to be optimized: data such as the record of each visit, its duration and its agents serve as a guide to improve the management of the sales team and the properties.
  2. Save costs. In addition to being the Smart Lock with the most competitive price on the market, Kiploc helps reducing costs such as: locksmith, sales personal, transfers or property security.
  1. The property, always accessible. Not having a sales agent available at the exact time and place can mean losing a deal. But Kiploc eliminates this possibility and makes a property always accessible to meet its next buyer: showing an estate is as easy as opening its door with the click of a button.

  2. All keys in one place. Handling so many keys involves great difficulties in Real Estate management: from losing or forgetting a key to defective copies. Any problem can put the deal at risk, but Kiploc makes it easy: it allows you to show as many properties as you want with just a Smartphone.
  3. Technical advantages. Unlike other Smart Locks on the market, Kiploc does not require electricity, making it ideal for recent built properties. In turn, it does not require the user with access to have an Internet connection on their phone, which maximizes the easy of opening a property.
  4. Digitize the business. Digital transformation means saving time and costs, facilitating administrative procedures, monitoring sales action… All advantages!
  5. Safety first. Kiploc guarantees clients maximum security in their properties with its anti-bumping system with built-in alarm. The device will notify in real time of any intrusion attempt in the property.

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