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Save time, money and security

Provide autonomy and flexibility to your guests and let them unlock the apartment door themselves. Avoid endless waits and periodic key changes. Become a smart host with Kiploc!

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Save up to 2.000€ per apartment every year

No initial fees or costs for property managers

Complete solution for remote access control

Easy integration with OTA, PMS, ERP & CMS

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Professional Solution

Easy & Quick

Avoid key handovers, travels and keys management. Installed on the inside of your property in less than three minutes. Compatible with any cylinder


Anti-bumping, with intrusion attempts detection and security alarm. Always know who enters.

Real-time information

Real-time Management Platform. Real time information to the owner and PR.


Created to last more than 10,000 cycles. It works with rechargeable batteries. Environment-friendly.


Open remotely, from wherever you are, with no need for Wi-Fi or any other devices. Guests can open throught their phones and PR can open throught the platform.


Every process is automated to speed up administrative operation and avoid increasing costs due to volume increase.

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